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A note to fellow attorneys...

I have won cases that were described as "unwinnable" and want to put my expertise to work for you.  


I can be available for trial assistance, even at the last minute.  I have an extensive, successful trial record and have been lead counsel in over 100 jury-trial cases in both Federal and State courts that ranged from conspiracy matters and terrorism to gun possession, DWI, rapes, robberies, sex trafficking and Medicaid fraud.  I've mentored dozens of law students, young attorneys and experienced counsel with minimal trial skills.  I've cross examined experts in ballistics, DNA, narcotics trafficking, terrorism and cause of death.

If you don't have trial experience, or are nervous about speaking in court or to a jury, cross-examining witnesses, or preparing a solid defense strategy, I am here to help.  I can be on-site in court to assist you in trial, or act as a consultant remotely as needed.


Please contact me for pricing and availability.

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