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Further case history available upon request.
  • Full acquittal (2016), People v. Singleton. Mistaken identity defense in robbery/weapons possession case

  • Full acquittal (2016), People v. Hardy.  Drug sale allegation involving several police officers who claimed they saw defendant sell drugs to two others

  • Partial acquittal (2017), People v. Lamb.  Sex trafficking charges

  • Full acquittal (Dec. 2016), People v. Mitchell.  Gun possessed inside defendant's apartment

  • ​Partial acquittal (Summer, 2016), People v. Cosme.  Robbery of grocery store by gun and taser, more than half the counts acquitted or dismissed following trial

  • Full acquittal (2016), People v. Moreno.  Aggravated Assault where complainant lost sight in one eye, self-defense asserted and won